Red pepper jam (6 x 160 g)

Red pepper jam (6 x 160 g)


1 unit = 1 box of 6 products

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When you taste es im-perfect® red pepper jam, you’ll feel an explosion of flavours on your palate; a mixture of bitterness and sweetness that won’t let you put it away.

Red bell peppers (71%), sugar (28%), thickener (pectin) and acidity regulator (citric acid).
Free of artificial colours and preservatives.


100 % natural


Minimum 70 % fruit



Per 100 g

Energy 618,08 kJ/147,87kcal
Fat 0,24 g
of which saturates 0,08 g
Carbohydrates 34,58 g
of which sugars 34,58 g
Fibre 2,11 g
Proteins 0,8 g
Salt 0,01 g

Spread it on a “coca de recapte” (focaccia) base to give it the soft and fresh taste of red pepper. Then top it with a layer of eggplant and garnish with onion, black olives, hazelnuts and fried parsley.

You can also add whatever else you have in the fridge, making this a versatile dish that is 100% supportive of minimising food waste.

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