At es im-perfect®, when we talk about imperfect fruits and vegetables, we are referring to those that cannot be marketed due to aesthetic and pricing policies set by the food market, or due to production surpluses. Aesthetic policies refer to requirements regarding size, colour, and shape that are imposed on fruits and vegetables, but which are never related to their quality or nutritional properties. Food market pricing policies refer to the prices that farmers receive for their products, which in some cases are lower than the costs of producing and harvesting the crops.

Es im-perfect® preserves are 100% natural because they do not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. All of the preservatives used are natural. Inan additional interpretation, es im-perfect® began as an artisanal production process run by a team of people passionate about cuisine.

es im-perfect® is a brand that is focused on optimising food usage and preventing waste; the preserves are made with fruits and vegetables that have been discarded or rejected from the commercial market, whether from organic crops or conventional agriculture. It should be kept in mind that food losses and waste represent serious detrimental environmental impacts. When food is wasted, all of the elements involved in its production – water, sunshine, and energy – are also wasted, and the significant burden of the greenhouse gases emitted in the process still applies. For this reason, despite not being certified organic, es im-perfect® is a sustainable brand. Our Central Kitchen is certified by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production) for the production of organic products. Currently, we do not have any organic product under the es im-perfect® brand, although we do make organic products for third parties.


No, all of our products are gluten-free and allergen-free.

The es im-perfect® jams have a very low percentage of added sugar (between 23 and 28%, except for the lemon jam). Currently, we do not have sugar-free jams. With that said, we do make other savoury products that do not contain sugar, such as the pâtés.

The es im-perfect® preserves are perfect for breakfasts, desserts, appetisers, or for pairing with meats and cheeses. However, you can also make use of their unique flavours in many other recipes! Discover some of the suggestions in the Products section.

The es im-perfect® products should be stored in a dry place and have a shelf-life of 2 years. Once opened, they should be refrigerated.

Currently, es im-perfect® products are being sold at more than 600 points of sale in Catalonia and at certain locations around Spain, none of which are owned by the Espigoladors Foundation. On our website, you will find an interactive map for locating these points of sale. The products can also be purchased online through the “Products” section of this website.

The jams are sold in jars of 160 g and 240 g. The pâtés are sold in jars of 110 g, and the sauces in jars of 300 g. We also have larger sizes for the hospitality industry (HORECA). For more information, you can contact us through the “Contact Us” section of this website.

The delivery time for orders is between 3 and 5 working days.

The shipment of the es im-perfect® products has a minimum cost of € 5.5 (variable depending on weight). Orders with a value above 100€ include free delivery.

We are able to ship across peninsular Spain. For other shipping options to island and international regions, please contact us.

es im-perfect® is the labor insertion company of the Espigoladors Foundation. The Foundation was created in 2014 to provide a unified solution to three interrelated social and environmental issues. In the first place, it works to promote good food usage and eliminate food waste. Second, it aims to guarantee the right to healthy food for people at risk of social exclusion. The final goal is to create employment opportunities for vulnerable groups. In 2018, the production facility of es im-perfect® preserves was inaugurated in order to return to the roots and complete the circular nature of the project, and to continue working toward social justice, a fight that is inseparable from environmental sustainability.

The Central Kitchen is located in the Sant Cosme neighbourhood of el Prat de Llobregat. It is a training and labor insertion space for people at risk of social exclusion, first and foremost for those from the surrounding neighbourhood and municipality.

Yes, we have devised and implemented a series of specific protocols and measures for the production, packaging, and delivery of orders to minimise the risk of infection for our team, drivers, and consumers.