We are es im-perfect®

and this is our manifesto


We fight for the complete and fair usage of food

The statistics regarding losses and waste along the food supply chain are alarming. 1/3 of the food produced worldwide that is perfectly fit for human consumption is discarded.

Wasting food has extremely serious economic, environmental, and social implications and consequences.

Global data

of wasted water
of the global agricultural area is wasted (equivalent to two times the Amazon surface)
of the global emissions of greenhouse gases are attributed to food losses and waste*

According to the study “Food Wastage Footprint” conducted by the FAO in 2013.

Reducing food loss and food waste is the strongest measure to keep climate change below 2 degrees, according to the 2020 report “Climate Solutions for a New Decade” of the NGO Project Drawdown.


We give a second chance to fruits and
vegetables rejected from the market

We give a second opportunity to fruits and vegetables that are suitable for human consumption but have been discarded from the commercial circuit for various reasons. Some have to do with aesthetic and size requirements, and others are a result of the model of the current agri-food system itself. We can categorise the main causes as follows:

Odd shapes

Two-legged carrots, heart-shaped potatoes… they usually do not get to make it to the stores, but there are so many fruits and vegetables with eccentric shapes!

Too big or too small

Food market establishes top and minimum sizes for fruits and vegetables. Those who do not fit cannot be marketed.

Spots and marks

According to the aesthetic canons of food market, fruits and vegetables must have a smooth and uniform skin. When they have spots or marks and cannot be marketed.

Too ripe

Ripe fruits that have been in stores for a longer time cannot be marketed.


When the market price falls below the costs of production and harvesting, producers are sometimes forced to leave the harvest in the fields.

We are a circular bioeconomy

We are confident that the circular economy is the only possible paradigm of sustainable production. For this reason, we have aligned our production process with this model: we recover fresh food discarded from the commercial circuit and transform it into high-quality products, preventing the fresh products from being wasted and avoiding the misuse of the resources used in their production.

We work toward social justice

 It is very clear that for a product to be sustainable, it must be socially responsible and produced in a decent and fair workplace. At our Central Kitchen, we offer employment and training opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion, who in turn find a transformative and safe space for developing their skills and work abilities.

We promote natural, healthy, high-quality food

We make all of our preserves using an artisanal method wherein we treat each ingredient with care and attention to ensure the highest quality. We promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables and a healthy and balanced diet that optimises overall nutrition. That is why all es im-perfect® products are natural and free of artificial colours and preservatives.

We defend and support local farmers and local products

We help bring attention to the essential nature of the work that farmers carry out in the fields. All of the fruits and vegetables used in our preserves come from local producers. By consuming local and seasonal products, we show our support for a more sustainable diet and food system.

We support a transformation of the agri-food system

The generation of food losses and waste is strongly linked to the way the current agri-food system operates, namely seeking to achieve maximum production at the minimum cost. Our fight is aligned with the desire to progress toward more sustainable and local models, which will guarantee access to healthy food for everybody.

We want to inspire an attitude towards life characterised by three words: imperfect, conscious and sustainable

Progressing toward better food usage and social justice requires the collaboration of everybody.

We want to propagate a far-reaching movement that influences society as a whole and inspires a transformation toward a conscious and sustainable model of life.